Your professional development is important to us. As well as making sure you have all the tools you need to thrive at North Cumbria Integrated Care, we also want you to feel inspired to learn new skills, techniques and ways of working.

Wellbeing training and workshops

You can participate in a range of health and wellbeing courses and workshops including:

  • Mindfulness Based Living
  • Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Mental Health First Aid


Clinical skills

Clinical skills training sessions are available to all healthcare professionals and include theoretical and practical teaching and assessment. Sessions include:

  • venepuncture
  • cannulation and IV therapy
  • male, female and supra pubic catheterisation
  • syringe driver training
  • management of central venous access devices
  • physiological observations (NEWS 2 and sepsis)
  • insulin administration for healthcare
  • verification of expected death
  • stop and watch
  • NG tubes


Lectures and conferences

Cumbria Learning and Improvement Collaborative (CLIC) run an annual conference supported by the Academic Health Science Network. These conferences have previously covered topics like:

  • skills for safety
  • success for better communication
  • learning to unlock your creativity


We also have an annual safety summit for all clinical staff that invites key note speakers to discuss topical issues. There are a variety of safety workshops to attend such as: 

  • digital
  • human factors
  • improving safety culture


Rapid process improvement workshops

These intensive week-long workshops, run by CLIC, are designed to improve and change local healthcare services to become more patient-driven. Participants receive training and tools to help them think and work in new ways and lead further change movements. 



If you are interested in one to one coaching, CLIC can match you with a professional coach who will support your learning and development and help you achieve your goals.



If you’d like to work on your leadership skills, CLIC run workshops and programmes designed to help you inspire and motivate teams and equip you with the tools to lead sustainable change.

We can also offer the ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management.



Our HR team run a 5 day programme to help line managers across all bands and professions improve their people management skills.

Medical appraisals

When you join us, we’ll give you a one to one appraisal induction to help you navigate our appraisal process and answer your questions.

We have a dedicated medical directorate support service, with a named administrator to assist with appraisals. We also have processes in place to make sure you have time to do the things identified in your personal development plan (PDP).

For those who become appraisers, we run an appraisers forum that includes training, talks and peer to peer support. We do this to ensure you feel confident and supported while developing your role.


Job planning for medics

All of our medical staff are supported with approved job plans. This process is coordinated centrally by the Medical Directors Support Service. They make sure all job plans allow you the time you need for personal and professional development.


Continuing professional development (CPD)

All medical staff are supported in their CPD with education and training. Your needs will be discussed as part of your appraisal and linked to your objectives.


Medical shadowing exchange scheme

Within our new integrated healthcare system, our GP medical staff have developed a new scheme that enables you to shadow colleagues from different areas and specialties across the system.

Quarterly Talks

Instead of annual appraisals, you’ll take part in 4 Quarterly Talks. These are one to one conversations with your line manager. Each Talk will focus on one of our values and together you’ll discuss your:

  • performance and objectives
  • successes
  • learning and development needs
  • ideas for how we can make improvements
  • physical and mental wellbeing



All nursing staff and doctors are supported by the nursing and medical directorate to develop a portfolio of evidence for revalidation.


Preceptorship scheme and transition programme

If you’re a newly qualified nurse or allied health professional, returning to practice or changing your role, you’ll be assigned a preceptor to support and guide you throughout your 12 month preceptorship.

Together with your line manager, your preceptor will make sure you’re properly inducted to the working environment and help you to develop your confidence and skills as a practitioner.



If you join our team as a health care assistant, you’ll have the opportunity to join our Nursing Associate Apprenticeship or Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeship scheme. We can also offer Registered Nurse Degree Apprenticeships to assistant practitioners.

The training programme combines both academic and work based learning which means you’d work 4 days a week in a clinical environment and attend university 1 day a week. Tuition costs will be fully funded.