Board meeting summaries

The minutes of each Board meeting are published in the following meeting's Board papers. Visit the board meetings page to access these.

Governor’s Council meeting summaries

Governor’s Council meeting summaries can be found on the Governor’s Council meetings page.

Public consultations

Consultations are carried out with our membership and the wider public as and when required. Read more about becoming a member.

Internal communication

The Board of Directors and Governor's Council work closely together. Members of the Board of Directors have an open invitation to attend Governor's Council meetings. The Board of Director's meeting includes a standing item regarding the Governor's Council agenda when a meeting is due.

Executive and non-executive directors are involved in making formal presentations to governors at Governor's Council meetings and to members at members meetings. Members meetings are promoted to members and the public and are advertised in the local media.

The Trust organises complementary transport to ensure that no one is prevented from attending through transport difficulties.

Annual members meeting

The Board of Directors share highlights of the year with our members including an overview of our performance against financial and quality standards. Details of our annual members meetings.