We welcome your feedback about any aspect of your experience with us, good or bad.

If you’ve used our services, you can complete this very quick questionnaire called The NHS Friends and Family Test.

The test was created to help us understand if you’re happy with the NHS services in your area. The test is anonymous and only has 2 questions.

If you’ve stayed over at any of these hospitals or wards, you can fill out our Adult Inpatient Discharge Questionnaire:

  • Brampton War Memorial Hospital
  • Cockermouth Community Hospital
  • Keswick Community Hospital
  • Penrith Community Hospital
  • Workington Community Hospital
  • Copeland Unit at West Cumberland Hospital

If you’ve used any of the services below you can fill out an Adult Community Health Care Questionnaire:

  • district nursing
  • out of hours community nursing
  • diabetes services
  • physiotherapy
  • podiatry
  • sexual health
  • speech and language therapy
  • community rehabilitation
  • respiratory services

If you’ve used any of our Urgent Treatment Centres (UTC) you can fill out this questionnaire.

If your child has used any of our children’s services, you can fill out one of these questionnaires.

If you’ve received any treatment from us in your own home, you can fill out this questionnaire.

If you’ve used our respiratory service and had pulmonary rehabilitation, you can fill out this questionnaire.