This plan helps us to move towards our shared vision and we use it to decide what we need to do each year. Our plans are grouped into 4 priorities:

Service quality

We'll improve the quality of our services and learn from our mistakes to improve what we do. 

System working

We'll work in partnership to develop health and care services that are integrated and provide better outcomes for the people in our community. 


We'll reshape our workforce using innovative models, and value our staff by being a great place to work and embedding the right culture.

Sustainable finances

We'll deliver our financial strategy, improve the efficiency and affordability of care, and invest in the right services for the future.

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North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System

Our strategy for the North Cumbria Health and Care System is part of a much larger integrated care system with our colleagues in the North East. 

Our patients receive specialist care from teams across the region and we share many of the same challenges around workforce and sustainability.

It makes sense for us to work together to tackle these issues collaboratively and develop a partnership. For example, our new cancer centre in Carlisle will be run by the Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

We're actively involved in helping shape plans for our region and we're also part of the North East and North Cumbria Integrated Care System.

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