Policies formerly in place within Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust (CPFT) and North Cumbria University Hospitals Trust (NCUH) that are relevant to North Cumbria Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust (NCIC) have been adopted by NCIC. 

As part of the merger process, all policies have been reviewed and rebranded as NCIC policies or are going through that process.

Policies currently under review, and signposting on who to contact for advice in the event of queries, are noted in the policy details section.

Policy templates and duidance document (only available to staff)

This document includes:

  • policy templates
  • guidance on how to complete the
  • details of policy approval routes
  • FAQs

Please note that the information in italics in the policy template is for author guidance only and should be removed once you have completed the information.

Please note that the Policy Author Checklist must be completed for each policy document and submitted as part of the approvals process.

If you're unsure of the process to follow within any policy, speak to your line manager before contacting the policy author or accountable director.

If you are unsure of the arrangements for managing policies, email the policy help desk on policyhelpdesk@ncic.nhs.uk

If you require written communication, including any of our publications, to be translated into another language or format, such as Braille, large print or audio, contact:

Communications Department
Portland Place
CA11 7QQ

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