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Access to Records.pdf 86.47 KB
Acquired Brain Injury information intimacy client.pdf 201.25 KB
Acquired Brain Injury information intimacy partners.pdf 246.17 KB
Acquired Brain Injury information Intimacy Single.pdf 197.46 KB
Acquired Brain Injury information on driving.pdf 267.21 KB
Acquired Brain Injury information.pdf 385.51 KB
Acquired Brain Injury team 333.12 KB
Adults dentist passport 714.12 KB
Advanced exercises following amputation 614.86 KB
Advice following anaesthetic 237.79 KB
Amputee - Falls information 432.13 KB
Amputee core stability 584.35 KB
Amputee Diabetes 342.95 KB
Amputee Falls information for amputees.pdf 411.97 KB
Amputee how to get help after a fall.pdf 499.70 KB
Amputee Information for families.pdf 544.68 KB
Amputee occupational therapy following amputation.pdf 312.34 KB
Amputee orthotics.pdf 393.32 KB
Amputee Phantom Limb Pain.pdf 325.58 KB
Amputee Physio exercises Transfemoral.pdf 727.60 KB
Amputee physio exercises transtibial.pdf 813.87 KB
Amputee Physiotherapy exercises following amputation.pdf 289.93 KB
Amputee Podiatry.pdf 250.70 KB
Amputee Prosthetic Department.pdf 182.29 KB
Amputee Prosthetic Limb wearer.pdf 389.38 KB
Amputee Psychology.pdf 383.85 KB
Amputee Removable Rigid Dressing.pdf 166.35 KB
Amputee Sports activities.pdf 267.88 KB
Amputee website information.pdf 130.03 KB
Amputee- compression sock 239.12 KB
Anaesthesia.pdf 244.43 KB
Annual Report 2017-18.pdf 11,154.75 KB
Antidepressants in Pregnancy Breastfeeding.pdf 316.24 KB
Antiperspirant advice following amputation.pdf 428.84 KB
Arterial Disorders of the leg.pdf 174.38 KB
Better breathing - Pulmonary Rehabilitation.pdf 127.00 KB
Bladder and bowel referral form.pdf 566.72 KB
Brampton Hospital.pdf 265.12 KB
Breast Cancer - Radiofrequency seed localisation 321.66 KB
Cervical Polyp.pdf 111.98 KB
Cervix Punch Biopsy.pdf 111.67 KB
Child Constipation Information.pdf 308.91 KB
Child Enuresis Information.pdf 168.27 KB
Child Health Visiting.pdf 335.08 KB
Children's dentist passport.pdf 554.51 KB
Children's listening skills.pdf 470.67 KB
Children's role of new blood screening.pdf 320.44 KB
Children's Tuberculosis Nursing Service.pdf 225.43 KB
Children’s Occupational Therapy.pdf 239.21 KB
Childrens Audiology.pdf 171.49 KB
Childrens Community Nursing.pdf 164.03 KB
Childrens Physiotherepy.pdf 166.14 KB
Childrens speech and launguage_therapy.pdf 315.11 KB
Choices for place of birth.pdf 362.61 KB
Chronic Fatigue South Cumbria.pdf 166.61 KB
Cockermouth Hospital Isel Ward.pdf 357.00 KB
Cold Coagulation.pdf 112.94 KB
Colposcopy.pdf 299.37 KB
Comments, Concerns, Compliments, Complaints 345.37 KB
Community Bladder Bowel Service.pdf 309.04 KB
Compliment Comments Complaints Easy Read images.pdf 772.48 KB
Compliments Comments Complaints Easy read Words.pdf 345.07 KB
Confidentiality A guide for families and carers.pdf 325.89 KB
Confidentiality A guide for people.pdf 335.09 KB
Confidentiality Easy Read.pdf 345.21 KB
Consent - A guide for patients and service users.pdf 314.00 KB
Consent easy read.pdf 331.15 KB
Copeland Unit.pdf 265.74 KB
Cryocautery.pdf 73.20 KB
Diabete foot ulcers.pdf 233.32 KB
Diabetes - Guide to Retinal Screening.pdf 3,673.59 KB
Diabetes Casting.pdf 246.17 KB
Diabetes foot care for patients at high risk.pdf 335.65 KB
Diabetes foot care for patients at low risk.pdf 334.91 KB
Diabetes foot care for people at medium risk.pdf 335.76 KB
Diabetes Looking after your foot in remission.pdf 250.38 KB
Diabetes services cumbria.pdf 163.37 KB
Diabetes the charcot foot.pdf 272.74 KB
Diabetes your guide to retinal screening.pdf 3,673.59 KB
Diabetic Foot Clinic.pdf 311.94 KB
Discharge from hospital.pdf 217.42 KB
District Nursing.pdf 240.64 KB
Early Supported Stroke Discharge Team Tips after a stroke.pdf 173.14 KB
Early Supported Stroke Discharge Team.pdf 183.52 KB
Eden Case Management Team.pdf 175.55 KB
Eden Community Response Team.pdf 177.88 KB
Electronic Patient Record.pdf 223.55 KB
Eliminating Bladder irritants.pdf 163.48 KB
Epidural bloodpatch.pdf 236.78 KB
Falls Prevention.pdf 177.75 KB
Flu.pdf 189.23 KB
Freedom of information.pdf 224.22 KB
Freedom to speak up guardian.pdf 105.16 KB
GDPR.pdf 320.28 KB
Gestational Diabetes.pdf 413.21 KB
Gynaecological Oncology 321.38 KB
Gynaecology - Discharge from Gynaecology Cancer follow up.pdf 144.90 KB
Health records.pdf 112.09 KB
Heart failure north cumbria.pdf 236.44 KB
Hip fracture.pdf 238.61 KB
Home visit assessment.pdf 221.48 KB
Hospital Book Section 3,072.88 KB
How we use your information.pdf 323.24 KB
Hysterectomy - Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Endometrial Cancer.pdf 238.49 KB
Hysteroscopy - Outpatient 517.75 KB
Hysteroscopy - Post Hysteroscopy Clinic Information.pdf 231.23 KB
Infection Prevention.pdf 224.19 KB
Integrated Rapid Response Service IRRS.pdf 240.53 KB
Keswick hospital.pdf 265.25 KB
Kidney stones discharge information.pdf 229.27 KB
Learning Disabilities Hospital passport.pdf 480.05 KB
Leg ulcer Compression Hosiery.pdf 243.71 KB
Leg ulcer exercises to improve healing.pdf 129.89 KB
Leg Ulcers - Doppler Ultrasound Scan.pdf 242.38 KB
Leg ulcers care of your skin.pdf 255.95 KB
Leg ulcers compression bandaging.pdf 196.20 KB
leg ulcers Venous Disorders of the loweer leg.pdf 180.83 KB
Loop Excision.pdf 123.32 KB
Loweswater Suite.pdf 458.47 KB
Lung investigation.pdf 323.40 KB
Maternity - My Birth Plan.pdf 195.60 KB
Maternity Notes App User Guide 183.67 KB
Minor injuries - Ankle injury.pdf 420.94 KB
Minor Injuries - Back Pain.pdf 450.00 KB
Minor injuries - Broken nose.pdf 320.29 KB
Minor injuries - Burns and Scalds.pdf 332.21 KB
Minor injuries - Calf Injury advice.pdf 423.46 KB
Minor injuries - Chest Injury Exercises.pdf 323.62 KB
Minor injuries - Distal radial fracture advice.pdf 403.63 KB
Minor injuries - Head injury adult.pdf 319.86 KB
Minor injuries - Head injury child.pdf 319.87 KB
Minor injuries - Knee Injury.pdf 320.67 KB
Minor injuries - Neck_Sprains.pdf 422.86 KB
Minor injuries - Nosebleed.pdf 328.72 KB
Minor injuries - Pretibial Lacerations.pdf 317.85 KB
Minor injuries - Pulled Elbow advice.pdf 421.05 KB
Minor injuries - Shoulder injury.pdf 460.65 KB
Minor injuries - Tetanus immunisation.pdf 415.13 KB
Minor injuries - Use of Elbow Crutches.pdf 312.35 KB
Minor injuries - Wound closure strips.pdf 318.96 KB
Mionor injuries - Mallet Finger injury.pdf 401.49 KB
Miscarraige - Manual Vacuum Aspiration Miscarriage.pdf 141.49 KB
MRSA - NHS.pdf 318.50 KB
Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy.pdf 172.77 KB
Nephrostomy Tube Discharge Leaflet.pdf 188.14 KB
Neurological Physiotherapy.pdf 242.02 KB
Neurology.pdf 225.39 KB
No place like home checklist.pdf 113.48 KB
No Place Like Home Factsheet 111.65 KB
Nocturnal Enuresis Information for Children.pdf 167.90 KB
Nutrition support.pdf 325.91 KB
Occupational theapy preparing for a hip replacement.pdf 440.23 KB
Occupational Therapy.pdf 254.05 KB
Pain Relief in Labour.pdf 186.07 KB
Palliative Care - Fentanyl patches.pdf 337.95 KB
Palliative Care - Oxycodone.pdf 256.48 KB
Palliative Care -Morphine.pdf 213.97 KB
Patient Experience Team.pdf 121.08 KB
Penrith Hospital.pdf 493.41 KB
Perineal injury 482.69 KB
Persistent Physical Symptoms Service - info for health professionals.pdf 209.20 KB
Persistent Physical Symptoms Service - info for patients.pdf 262.21 KB
Podiatry - Athletes Foot.pdf 391.72 KB
Podiatry - Chilblains.pdf 298.75 KB
Podiatry - Fungal nail infection.pdf 310.15 KB
Podiatry - Veruucas.pdf 302.29 KB
Podiatry.pdf 281.09 KB
Pre-school assessment Springboard.pdf 172.42 KB
Preventing pressure ulcer large print.pdf 298.72 KB
Preventing pressure ulcers.pdf 196.71 KB
Ready steady go - Transition moving into adultcare.pdf 266.72 KB
Ready steady go parent plan.pdf 189.99 KB
Ready steady go questionnaire.pdf 197.54 KB
Ready steady go Ready questionnaire.pdf 196.49 KB
Ready steady go Steady questionnaire.pdf 198.63 KB
Ready Steady Go Transition plan.pdf 183.13 KB
Sexual Health Precoil information.pdf 419.39 KB
Specialist and special care dental services.pdf 255.58 KB
Specialist Dentistry - Inhalation sedation guide for parents.pdf 186.42 KB
Specialist Dentistry -Intravenous sedation.pdf 175.10 KB
Specialist Dentistry Escort.pdf 190.79 KB
Speech Language Therapy Adults.pdf 244.95 KB
Stroke - Rehabilitation at home 510.85 KB
Stroke - Relationships and intimacy after stroke.pdf 274.95 KB
Stroke -Emotional Wellbeing after a stroke.pdf 176.70 KB
Suicide in older adults.pdf 262.26 KB
Support for children and adults.pdf 178.63 KB
Syringe driver.pdf 553.08 KB
Termination -Manual Vacuum Aspiration Termination of Pregnancy.pdf 162.10 KB
Termination of pregnancy.pdf 136.76 KB
Tips for COPD in winter.pdf 434.39 KB
Trust Talk NHS70 SPECIAL.pdf 7,566.74 KB
Trust Talk September 2019.pdf 1,675.45 KB
Trust Talk Spring 2019.pdf 9,258.00 KB
Trust Talk Winter 2018.pdf 10,688.96 KB
Unexpected death - information for family and friends.pdf 234.16 KB
Vulva Biopsy.pdf 78.74 KB
Workington Hospital-EllerbeckWard.pdf 264.21 KB
Wound Care.pdf 235.46 KB