The app is called Maternity Notes and is available to download on your smartphone or tablet. It allows you to:

  • track your pregnancy journey
  • keep a note of your antenatal appointments
  • upload photos of yourself, your bump and eventually your baby

It also contains lots of information about your baby’s development as you move through your pregnancy and up to 6 weeks after you've given birth.

The new system is safer too as it means you no longer need to carry paper maternity notes with you everywhere you go. 


100% of women registering a new pregnancy in Cumbria have signed up to use the app. The first baby born using entirely digital maternity notes was born at West Cumberland Hospital in July 2019.

Julie Haigh, our 'digital midwife', recently won Clinician of the Year for the project at the North West Skills Development Network’s Informatics Awards. The awards are part of the Connect 2019 conference showcasing pioneering work in digital health.

The NHS Long Term Plan states that by 2024 all women should have access to their maternity notes via their phone and this has already been achieved in north Cumbria.

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